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Why osCommerce Addons Support with Complete osCommerce only?

osCommerce Addons are extra modules for osCommerce based shop to enhance shop with more features. Basic osCommerce comes with general features but osCommerce Addons are extra codes developed by osCommerce community members to give more features to users and shop owner. Official site for osCommerce Addons is http://addons.oscommerce.com/. Everyone can find addons from here and download it for free and install in his shop. Yes! We know your next question will be if osCommerce Addons are free then why you should pay to us for that. Following is list of reasons for why osCommerce Addons Support with Complete osCommerce.

First reason is that all osCommerce Addons are not always stable. There may be some bugs and dependency based on version of osCommerce or server environment. We provide 100% bug free installation of addons in to any version. Our experts has already downloaded addons (All addons listed on our site) and tested on various versions of osCommerce. Also we have removed bugs if there are any in actual module code. Also addons have their default format style(color, font and images) but we also change that style to match with your site's style.

Second reason is sometimes you are not sure about action of specific addon. And you may find that useless for you after installing that contribution (addon). But we provide free support for choosing appropriate addons for your need. Also we show you live demo or screen shots for addon before installing that in your shop. This way you have right addon in your shop with 100% bug free installation.

Third reason is many addons are created to any specific osCommerce version but you may have some different version of osCommerce. Our experts correct code so it can also be integrated to other version of osCommerce.

Forth reason is that sometimes your requirements do not match with any preexisting osCommerce addon. In such cases our experts can customize addon to match your exact requirements. Our experts can also create new modules in case your requirement does not match with any preexisting osCommerce addon.

Fifth reason is our price. Our prices are lowest in whole market. We provide highest quality solutions at lowest price.

Now what are you waiting for? Get Installed osCommerce Addons Now